Colombia, Ethiopia … there is blood in my coffee

Amidst general indifference, a genocide is underway in Tigray (a current province in Ethiopia), perpetrated by the Ethiopian army and its allies of the miliias and the Erythrean army … the UN has declared that already 350,000 people are in a state of famine as a result of the conflict, and soon 2 million people could in turn be victims. Numerous reports from human rights organizations mention atrocities committed by the armies, in particular the widespread use of rape.

In Colombia, the military police (ESMAD) and death squads massacre the population which revolts against poverty and corruption … Since the begining of the revolt, on april 28th, more than 70 people (june 2021) have been killed by the police, and 2300 have been injured. Human rights organizations reported hundreds of case of violence, kidnapping, sexual assault and rape from police and alikes against demonstrators.

By purchasing coffee from Colombia or Ethiopia (even from so-called « small producers »), you finance these two States which massacre the populations which demand more freedom and more social justice.

We must dismantle the Colombian or Ethiopian states’ ability to wage this war. One way is to cut into one of the state’s biggest source of direct funding and foreign currency revenue : coffee. The importing corporation regularly engages in direct negotiations with the State, whose direct control of trademark licensing and access to markets puts millions into the government’s coffers. Those in solidarity around the world must take action to cut off this flow while the massacres continues.

Don’t be fooled by the rationale about « small producers », which would be different from the big corporates. To export coffee from Colombia or from Ethiopia, exporters need capital, ressources and links with the State’s institution, to which only big producers have access to. The traditional coffee growers dont have the ressources to export. this is true in all regions of the world, and especially in Ethiopia and Colombia All exports of coffee from both those countries benefit to local bourgeoisie, which is hidding behind the masks of « small producers », and the income in foreign currency that export generates is transformed by the State into purchases of weapons used agaisnt the people.


Individually, I can stop buying coffee from Colombia or Ethiopia.

I can stay informed about the situation in those regions, even if mainstream medias dont talk much about it. There are plenty of independant media ressources on the internet.

I can relay information to my family, neighboors, friends and colleagues by talking, printing leaflet, spreading news on the social networks, ..

I can print and put stickers on the coffee bags in shops and supermarket, calling not to buy coffee from Colombia and Ethiopia.

I can start or join solidarity groups with oter people that are willing to participate to the campaign.

Collectively,, with few friends, we can initiate solidarity groups, to inform and agitate amongst the people by flyering,banner drops, … about the situation in Tigray and Colombia, to raise awareness and call to solidarity.

We can hold pickets in front of coffee shop, especially the global brands who are amongst the biggest purcasers of coffee, in order to raise awareness maongst their consumers. We can ask the workers of those coffee shop – who are often young exploited with bad working conditions – to join us in this battle against global explotation.

By exposing the genocidal policies in Colombia and Ethiopia, we can contribute to curb the level of violence. But it is only a grass root movement, from the people themselves in the concerned region, that will have the capacity to stop the State’s violence by overthrowing it and replace it by a self-managed society based on freedom and egality. And this is true in any country.

Every step, even small, is a positive contribution into the global solidarity march against totalitarism and toward freedom. Let’s join us !

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Campaign initiated by the International Workers Association section in France in support of ULET-AIT (Colombia) and አናርካዊያን ነን/ኢና!( Anarchists from the horn of Africa)